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Learn about Resveratrol & Eternity from Sisel International

Following on David Sinclair's poineering research on Resveratrol - Sisel's Scientific Team developed Eternity - The World's First and Still the Only High Potency and Highly Effective Resveratrol supplement!

An Amazing Recovery from Heart Disease with ETERNITY

In this interview with HAWN Creator Bill DeFalco you will hear The Untold Story About Resveratrol and the Spectacular Recovery from Heart Disease that Bill made with ETERNITY - The World's Most Potent and Effective Resveratrol supplement - exclusively  from SISEL International.

ETERNITY - The World's Best Heart Health Product - has a Patented Resveratrol Delivery System that maintains the Potency & Efficacy of the Resveratrol that is depleted in all other "resveratrol supplements" by oxidation.

The Most Sensational Products that the World has Never Before Seen!

Any Opportunity is only as good as the Company behind it and the Products they offer. To have a Sensational Opportunity you've got to have Sensational Products - and that's exactly what Sisel has!  Sisel International manufactures the world's most scientifically advanced products for Wellness, Weight Loss, Sports-Performance and Age-Reversal.  

The information above on Resveratrol illustrates its extraordinary health benefits to the Heart and the Cardiovascular System, and its powerful age-reversing impact on the entire body.  However, these significant health benefits of Resveratrol, which where were identified in scientific research studies, have have never been attainable from any "resveratrol supplements" .  In 2009 the Minds at Sisel changed all that with ETERNITY - the world's first (and still the only) High-Potency High-Efficacy Resveratrol supplement formulation.

You've Not Experienced the Powerful Heart Health, Cardiovascular Health and Age-Reversing Properties of Resveratrol - until you try ETERNITY! - Exclusively from Sisel international.   

Sisel's highly advanced wellness products are unique in all the world, and they deliver exceptional, and truly Amazing Results that were never before possible with any other nutritional products. Sisel's Founder and Chief Scientific Officer: Ph. D. Biochemist Tom Mower Sr. has stated: Sisel's Products ae so advanced, that they can do more than what we can say they can do.  A Big Reason why the Sisel Opportunity surpasses all of the others!

And here's another Big Reason why Sisel International is leading the Industry: FuCoyDon Intensified - with 20 exclusive formulation and manufacturing patents - it is the purest and the most potent and effective fucoidan supplement formulation avaialble anywhere on earth.  Fucoidan is a highy beneficial nutrient, which is found in its most potent source in the Limu Moui sea plant.  The nutrient fucoidan empowers the body's immune system and provides exceptional support to the body's natural ability to fight off cancer and many other illnesses. 

In just about every discussion about the Life-Changing Products of the Sisel International Opportunity - fucoidan - and the many thousands of amazing testimonials by people from all over the world on Sisel's FuCoyDon Intensified remind us over and over about the Power of the Sisel Opportunity.  

On the Website of the U.S. National Library of medicine (pubmed.gov) there are over 1,500 Medical Scientific Studies on the nutrient fucoidan.  Click on the button below to access these studies:        

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Get on the FAST TRACK to Wealth Creation with the SISEL Opportunity

Congratulations! You are on the threshold of a Life-Changing Experience with a Game-Changing Company and its unique Life-Transforming Products and Exceptional Opportunity. And your TIMING just could not be any better!  

You are among the earliest of the millions of people who for years to come, will be introduced to Sisel International - their unique and exceptional products, and their unpreceedented opportunity .

And because Wealth is Worthless without the Great Health to Enjoy it - in order to gain a full understanding and comprehension of the many significant benefits of  becoming an Independent Manufacturing Rep with Sisel International - please take the time to go through all of the information on this Website, watch all of the Videos.

Sisel's Exclusive Cutting-Edge Breakthrough Products are clearly, as you will soon come to learn - the Backbone of this Exceptional Opportunity. 

In 2018 Sisel International reached its 12th year in business, and the introduction of The A.G.E. PILL - with its runaway record-breaking sales has launched the Company into a massive momentum growth phase that will go on strong for the next 10 to 15 years. 

We are at the very beginning of an historic growth wave from which, per Tom Mower Sr. (Ph.D. Biochemist, Billionaire Businessman and the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Sisel International) - could indeed eventually create over 100,000 New Millionaires Worldwide!    

New Breakthrough Products will continue to drive Sisel's Momentum Growth well into the future.  Unique and Exceptional products like 4Restore and SiselRIPT - the latest additions to the world's most highly advanced Sports Nutrition products.

Among these Top Performing Products are SiseLEAN - the world's most highly advaned protein powder for shedding fat and building lean body mass, and UltraMaxx - the Most Powerful Energy Drink on Earth - with Cordyceps and D-Ribose - powerful energy-boosting ingredients that you simply will not find in any other energy drink! 

These World Class Sports Nutrition Products from Sisel International provide the highest level of support available to the body, to restore lost muscle mass, strengthen muscles, and to enhance performance and maximize endurance! 


Through its Industry-Leading Infrastructure and Capitalization, and with the World's Most Scientifically Advanced Products for Wellness, Weight Loss and Biological Age-Reversal - Sisel International is uniquely positioned like no other Company in the world to set a New Record for Wealth Creation in the Home-Based Business Industry.




Sisel's MILLIONAIRES CLUB will ultimately grow to 100,000 members!


In a bold statement of where the Company is headed - Sisel International introduced The Millionaire's Club at the Awards Banquet they held at the conclusion of their April 2016 Sisel World Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

At that history-making Awards Banquet for Sisel International the first group of Independent Sisel Reps were inducted into the Millionaire’s Club, with the induction criteria being the total earnings by Independent Sisel Reps. 

The first of the new Millionaire's Club Members were inducted at the entry level for Sisel Reps who have accumulated $250,000.00 (a quarter of a million dollars) in total earnings to date with their Sisel Businesses. 

Following that, Independent Sisel Reps were inducted into The Millionaire's Club at the higher total earning levels of: $500,000.00 - $750,000.00 - One Million Dollars - Two Million Dollars - Three Million Dollars - Four Million Dollars - Five Million Dollars and on up - all the way up to Eight Million Dollars in total earnings to date with their Sisel Businesses! 

About two dozen Sisel Reps in all were inducted into the Millionaire's Club on that historic night for Sisel International - but that was just the start!  Over the months and years ahead - many Tens of Thousands of more Sisel Reps will be inducted into Sisel's Millionaire's Club. 

This is Your Opportunity to get in at the very beginning of this unprecedented histroy-making Health and Wealth Creation Phenomenon! 

The Wealth Builder Program

With the Vision of Sisel International's Massive Wealth-Creation Potential clearly in mind, HAWN - The Health And Wealth Network was created to inform and educate others about this Unprecedented Wealth-Creation Phenomenon .

To Empower Entrepreneurs to take full advantage of all that this Extraordinary Opportunity has to offer, Sisel International introduced the Wealth-Builder Program in October of 2017 - Powered by the Backbone of the Sisel Opportunity - the Outstanding and Truly Sensational Sisel Products! 

By purchasing one of Sisel International's Wealth-Builder Packs right from the outset, as opposed to starting out with just a few of the products, new Sisel Reps gain a better experience on the products, which enables them to more quickly become product experts. This invaluable knowledge and experience on the Sisel Products is Paramount to achieving great success in this unique and exceptional one-of-a-kind product-driven opportunity. 



This is where Sisel International stands out far above and beyond all of the other companies in the global marketplace, and where Sisel International totally dominates a niche market that their unique products have created.

In product quality, integrity, exclusivity and performance, no other products in the world from any other company - including the Traditional as well as the Network Marketing Companies - can compare to Sisel's Superior Quality, Top Performance Products! 

Sisel International's approach to Total Wellness begins with the personal and home care products that we use regularly, and are a necessary part of our every day lives. The sad fact is that the store brands and the popular name brands of these products are made without our optimum health and wellness in mind. 

For the companies that make these products, the most important factor is profitability – and this mandates using the cheapest (and therefore the lowest-quality) ingredients available. 

This is where many harmful substances come in contact with, and get absorbed into our bodies – through our skin, with the store brands and the popular name brands of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other body-wash products. 

And this is where toxic substances such as Sodium Fluoride (Rat Poison!) – and other harmful ingredients commonly found in the store brands and the popular name brand products – get into our bodies via transmucosal absorption through the tissues of our mouths. 

Then there are the caustic alkalis in the store brand and name brand laundry detergents that prematurely wear our cloths out (note the large amounts of lint in your dryer’s lint screen) and leave a skin-irritating residue on the clothes we wear every day, on the washcloths and towels that we bathe with, and on the linens that we sleep on every night. 

The Great News is that now you can change your life for the better, thanks to the Minds at Sisel International - and get all of the harmful, irritating and toxic substances out of your life and the lives of your loved ones – by simply switching over to SISEL SAFE  Products!

The A.G.E. PILL has Launched SISEL International into Monumental Momentum Growth!


It's being called A Marketer's Dream and A Millionaire Maker - The A.G.E. PILL exclusively from Sisel International is on track through its record-breaking sales to become the biggest product ever from the Direct Marketing Industry and one of them most sought after new products of all time! 

When you understand the Driving Force behind the demand for this Breakthrough Age-Reversing Product - the aging Baby-Boomers - you can clearly visualize the massive wealth-building potential of this monumental breakthrough product.

Since their arrival in the millions - shortly after the end of World War II - the Baby Boomers have moved, shaped and significantly impacted markets at every step of their development. 

The entrepreneurs and businesses that have been able to perceive the needs and wants of this massive segment of the population, and to fulfill their needs and wants have made untold Fortunes. 

The Boomers are now reaching their 60's, 70's and 80's and what they want now more than ever, is to reclaim the health, energy, vitality and looks of their younger years.  Sisel International's A.G.E. PILL is Exactly what the aging Baby-Boomers need and want ASAP!

If you've not yet already done so - go to the Health & Wealth page of this Website and read through the information on the A.G.E. Pill and watch the Video on the bottom of the page.

The more you learn about the unique and exceptional Sisel Products - and especially when you personally experience these Remarkable Products for yourself - the greater the understanding and appreciation you will have of the magnitude of this exceptional Health and Wealth Creation Opportunity. 

The beauty of this powerful wealth-creation concept is in its simplicity and affordability, where for a lot less than the cost of a Franchise, you can not only achieve profitability in a few months (vs one to two years for a Franchise) but you can potentially be earning more money than you could be earning with a Franchise - without all the headaches of having to deal with employees and without the heavy workload of overseeing a physical business location. 

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The 3 Steps to Success with Sisel International

Purchase a Wealth Bulder Pack


Get started by purchasing your choice of  a Sisel Wealth-Builder Pack, plus a broad selection of the other Sisel Products  

Your sponsor will guide you through the enrollment process for your tax-deductible startup 1,000PV Product purchase (approximately $1,100 USD) and who work closely with you to help drive your success.

Configure Your New Sisel Website


Your membership includes a personal Business Website that we will assist you in configuring.  We provide training, mentoring and support, and the tools you need to succeed. The goal of HAWN is to help as many people as possible to get inducted into the Sisel Millionaire's Club.

Refer 3 Wealth Builder Members


Get your new Sisel Business off to a fast start by Referreing 3 new Wealth Builder Members who join Sisel by purhcasing one of the Sisel Wealth-Builder Packs, then have each of them duplocate the process.  To Max-Out the Wealth-Builder Bonuses - Refer 3 new HAWN Elite Members within your first 2 weeks.    

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