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An opportunity of this Huge Magnitude only comes around once in a lifetime. The Health And Wealth Network - HAWN - is a Leadership and  Mentoring Initiative to help Independent Sisel Distributors get on the Fast Track to the 4, 5, and 6-Figure Monthly Income Potential of the Unprecedented Sisel International Health and Wealth Phenomenon.


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This Website, the companion website and your Sisel Website have all been optimized for viewing on Cell Phones and Tablets, as well as on PCs.  So your SISEL Business can be managed from virtually anywhere via a Cell Phone.  You are your own boss and make your own hours. There are no employees for you to have to deal with and no physical location for you to have to maintain. Talk about Simplicity! - This has got to be the simplest and easiest business on the Planet!   


Build a Willable Lifetime Income with a Solid Company

SISEL International is a World-Class Manufacturing Company with a solid foundation and the strongest and  highest capitalization among all of its competitors in the Industry.  SISEL International was established as a Dynasty Trust - which cannot be changed, altered, used for collateral or modified in any way for 250 years - making it the Most Rock Solid Platform in the Home Business Industry for building a Strong and Secure Long-Term, Lifetime Monthly Residual Income.  The income you build with Sisel International is Permanent Income that you can Will to your heirs. 

An Overview of the Sisel International Compensation Plan


The Sisel Rewards Plan is the Most Robust in the Industry

Simply stated, you’ll be earning more for your efforts, or earn the same amount of money in less time than you could in any other MLM program!

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